Smart Professional Systems & Solutions [SPROS] focused in Complete solution provider for Digital Signage as well as Interactive Systems. We specialised in designing Signage Content for the corporate sector. We’re alarmed by what we believe in Smartness and Professionalism which we do implement in all our Systems as well as Solutions that we provide.


  • Samsung Business Displays

    Premium-quality Displays that deliver Superb performance with a Built-in Media Player for Impactful Messaging. Engage viewers with cutting-edge Samsung signage technology.

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  • Samsung Smart Signage Platform

    An All-in-One Solution that marries cutting-edge Display Hardware with a Simplified, Integrated Media Player and Open-Source System Platform.

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  • Samsung Hospitality TV

    SMART Hospitality Display that Entertain and Inform Guests. Provide tailored content and enhanced functionality to improve the guest experience.

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